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Zehn Waters
Biographical information
Age 24
Location Idaho, USA
Language American English
Edit Count 8
Physical description
Race Men, unfortunately
Gender Male
Height 5’11"
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown
Other Information
lore-3 This user has an advanced understanding of J.R.R. Tolkien's works.
DD-Y This user believes the Dagor Dagorath is canonical.
Ent This user believes the Entwives are lost forever.
John Howe - Icon Rohan transparent.png This user supports Rohan.
Olanda Fong-Surdenas - The Balrog of Moria.jpg This user believes Balrogs have wings.
Catherine Karina Chmiel - Feanor.jpg This user believes Fëanor and his sons were mass-murderers with evil aims. But they may still redeem.
John Howe - Icon Elves.jpg This user prefers Elves over any other race.
Donato Giancola - Galadriel and the mirror.jpg This user believes Galadriel is the hottest female character.

[edit] About Me

Why, hello there fair people of the world, I am ZehnWaters, the Silaglaren! This is my UserPage, of which I am quite proud (so don't trash it). I have been a big fan of the Tolk-master since my Junior year in High School (when the first movie came out). Since then I've had a huge man-crush on Tolkien's work.

[edit] Favourites

Character: Galadriel (followed closely by Túrin(even if he is a big dope))
Location: Gondolin (followed by Tirion)
Quote: Haven't chosen one yet. Give me some time and I'll come up with one.
Book: The Silmarillion by far.
Chapter: I have to choose one?
Era: First Age