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Usvainen Rhûn

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Usvainen Rhûn is a song by the epic metal band Battlelore. It appears in their third full-length album, Third Age of the Sun.

[edit] Lyrics

[edit] Finnish

Pinnan alla
Varjoissa Rhûnin
Pohjalla hiekassa
Tumman veden huomassa
Lepää voima sankaruuden
Kajossa uuden aamun
Usva väistyy
Häipyy mailleen
Miekka nousee syvyydestä
On kolmas aika auringon

[edit] English

Under the surface
In the shadows of Rhun
At the bottom in the sand
In the midst of the dark sea
rests the strenght of heroism
In the light
In the brightness of a new morning
Mist gives way
Flees to its territory
To its hiding places
The sword rises from the depths
It's the third age of the sun