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Uzbad Khazaddûmu

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Uzbad Khazaddûmu was the Dwarvish phrase meaning for "lord" or "king" of Khazad-dûm. It was inscribed on Balin's Tomb.[1]

Etymology and analysis

The phrase is translated as "Lord of Moria"; uzbad seems to be translated as "Lord", however since Khuzdul words of three consonants normally don't begin with a vowel, Magnus Åberg proposes that the word is enclitic, and *u- is actually a prefix meaning "and".[2]

If this is so, uzbad is meaning "...and lord", the full phrase being "...son of Fundin and lord...". Åberg suggests that the basic form of "Lord" would be *zâbad and "Lord of Moria" would be *zâbad Khazaddûmu.[2]

The ending -u in Khazaddûmu is probably "an ending that gives the noun an objective or locative meaning".[2]


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