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| name=Vána
| name=Vána
| othernames=the Ever-young
| othernames=the Ever-young
| coming=[[Years of the Lamps]] 1
| coming=[[Years of the Lamps]] 1{{fact}}
| appointment=
| appointment=
| creations=
| creations=

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Biographical Information
Other namesthe Ever-young
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Vána (Q: "Beauty", pron. [ˈvaːna]) or Wána (Vanyarin, [ˈwaːna]) is the name of a Valië also called the Ever-young. She is the younger sister of Yavanna and wife of Oromë. "All flowers spring as she passes and open if she glances upon them; and all birds sing at her coming."[1] She dwells in gardens filled with golden flowers and often comes to the forests of Oromë.

Before her departure to Middle-earth, the Maia Melian served Vána and Estë, tending the flowering trees in the gardens of Irmo.[2] Another Maia, Arien, tended the golden flowers of the garden of Vána before she was chosen as the guide of the vessel of the Sun.[3]


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