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Víressë was the fourth month of the year in the King's Reckoning and the Stewards' Reckoning. In the King's Reckoning it followed the month Súlimë while in the Stewards' Reckoning it followed the feast-day of Tuilérë. In both calendars, Víressë was 30 days long and preceded the month Lótessë. It lasted from the 92nd through the 121st days of the year in the King's Reckoning, or from the 93rd through the 122nd days of the year in the Stewards' Reckoning.[1]

Víressë was approximately equivalent to modern March (though in fact running from modern 23 March and 21 April in the King's Reckoning or 24 March and 22 April in the Stewards' Reckoning).


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