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==Quenya noun inflection==
==Quenya noun inflection==

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Vairë the Weaver (Q, pron. [ˈvaɪre]) is a Valië and the wife of Mandos, and is responsible for weaving the story of the World.

Vairë is counted among the Valier, the Queens of the Valar; though not as great in power or prestige as some, her "storied webs" cover the Halls of Mandos, where she apparently lived.

The Vanyar call her Wairë ([ˈwaɪre]), as did the Ñoldor before the Second Age. In the Etymologies, the Sindarin equivalent of her name (Quenya "weaver") is given as Gwîr ([ɡʷiːːr]).


A different Vairë appeared in some of Tolkien's earliest writings. In The Book of Lost Tales, she was an Elf of Tol Eressëa. She and her husband Lindo tell the stories that would become the Silmarillion to the human mariner Ælfwine/Eriol. Her role as storyteller may have influenced the naming of the Vala responsible for recording stories.

Quenya noun inflection

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