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Valandil (King of Arnor)

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Template:Otherchars Template:Royalty infobox Valandil (S.E. 3430 – T.A. 249, died aged 260 years) was the third King of Arnor, succeed his father, High King Isildur, when he was killed in the Battle of the Gladden Fields in T.A. 2.

Valandil was the youngest of the four sons of Isildur, but because the other three were also killed in the Battle of Gladden Fields, it was Valandil who inherited the kingship. Valandil was only a child at the time of the Last Alliance, so he didn't go to battle, but remained in Rivendell.

Before he was slain, Isildur divided the lineages of Arnor and Gondor. While he had been High King of both realms, his nephew Meneldil would become King of Gondor and his sons would rule Arnor. With the death of his father and brothers, Valandil became heir to the throne of Arnor. However, Valandil was only 11 years old, and would wait until he was 20 to become the king.

He ruled longer than any other king in the North of South kingdom - 239 years. When he died in 249, he was succeeded by his son, Eldacar.



                 |                      |
                 |                      |
              Isildur                Anárion
   |        |         |         |
   |        |         |         |
Elendur   Aratan   Ciryon    VALANDIL


Valandil's name is Quenya for "Devoted to the Valar", from Valar, and the suffix -ndil, meaning "devoted to, servant of". It was likely he was named after his ancester Valandil of Númenor, the first Lord of Andúnië.


Preceded by:
3rd King of Arnor
III 10 – 249
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