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Valandil (Lord of Andúnië)

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This article is about the Lord of Andúnië. For the King of Arnor, see Valandil (King of Arnor).
Biographical Information
TitlesLord of Andúnië
LocationAndúnië, Númenor
AffiliationAdûnaic, Sindarin and Quenya
BirthS.A. 630
DeathAfter S.A. 870 (aged 240+)
HouseHouse of Elros
ParentageSilmariën and Elatan
Physical Description
Valandil was the son of Elatan of Andúnië and Silmariën, the eldest daughter of Tar-Elendil, the fourth King of Númenor.[1]

Valandil's mother Silmariën was the eldest child of Tar-Elendil.[2] However, when it came time for Tar-Elendi to relinquish the Sceptre of Númenor it did not pass on to Silmariën or her sister Isilmë; instead it went to Tar-Elendil's third child Meneldur.[note 1]

As Silmarien or Valandil could not become Kings of Númenor, Valandil instead became the first of the Lords of Andúnië, who ruled the city in Andustar in western Númenor and were held in the highest honor after the Kings.[3][4] As a ruler of one of the divisions of Númenor Valandil was also a member of the Council of the Sceptre,[5] a position that was inherited by his descendants.[4]

Valandil was a close cousin of Aldarion and twice hosted feasts for him in Andúnië, on the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Guild of Venturers and again in midsummer of S.A. 870 when the newly wedded Aldarion and Erendis visited.[1]

In time, one of the descendants of Valandil was Elendil,[6] the first High King of the Dúnedain in Middle-earth. Elendil's son was Isildur and from his line, many generations later, came Aragorn



Valandil means "Devoted to the Valar" in Quenya (from Vala and the suffix -ndil, 'friend of', 'devoted to').




  1. The royal law of succession at that time (actually an unquestioned inherited custom) stated that the Sceptre was to be inherited by the Ruler's eldest son.
    In Aldarion and Erendis we learn that later, Tar-Meneldur's son Tar-Aldarion altered the law so that the eldest child of the King, whether man or woman, would receive the Sceptre. Had this law existed when Tar-Elendil relinquished the Sceptre, Silmariën would have been the first Ruling Queen and Valandil and his descendants would have been the rulers of Númenor.


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House of Elros
Born: S.A. 630 Died: After S.A. 870
Preceded by:
None, Office created
1st Lord of Andúnië
S.A. 630 - c.870
Followed by:
eventually Eärendur