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Vardamir Nólimon (Second Age 61 – 471, aged 410 years) was the brief second King of Númenor. His royal name was Tar-Vardamir.

As the eldest of the four children of Elros Tar-Minyatur he was the heir to the Sceptre of Númenor. Vardamir was noted as an exceptional scholar whose only desire was to study, not to rule. When Elros died, Vardamir was already advanced in years. He immediately abdicated in favour of his eldest son, who would rule as Tar-Amandil. However, Vardamir was still officially counted as the second King of Númenor, having nominally ruled for a single year.

Vardamir had four children: three sons, Amandil, Aulendil, and Nolondil; and one daughter, Vardilmë.


Vardamir means "Jewel of Varda" in Quenya (from mírë "jewel"). His surname, Nólimon, means "Man of Knowledge" (from nólë "lore, knowledge" and -mon, a masculine suffix). Like all the Kings who took royal titles in Quenya, Vardamir added the prefix Tar- "high" to his name.


                       Elros Tar-Minyatur
            |              |           |           |
            |              |           |           |
    VARDAMIR NÓLIMON   Tindómiel   Manwendil   Atanalcar
     |           |          |          |
     |           |          |          |
Tar-Amandil   Vardilmë   Aulendil   Nolondil

Preceded by:
Elros Tar-Minyatur
2nd King of Númenor
II 442
Followed by: