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Vera Chapman

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Vera Chapman (1898-1996), also known as Vera Ivy May Fogerty or, in The Tolkien Society, as Belladonna Took. She founded The Tolkien Society, and also wrote a number of psudeo-historical and Arthurian books.



She was born in Bournemouth, England on the May 8, 1898 and lived in South Africa until she went to Oxford where she was one of the first woman to matriculate as a full member of Oxford University. She founded the first Tolkien Society of which she was secretary. She persuaded J.R.R Tolkien to become the society's honorary president. She wrote her first novel in 1975 and continued writing until her death in 1996.





Non fiction

  • (1990) Around Darlington in Old Photographs ISBN 0-86299-812-3/978-0-86299-812-7 (UK edition)

Croft, Hurworth, Neasham, Middleton And Dinsdale in Old Picture Postcards (1996)

Anthologies containing stories by Vera Chapman

Short stories

  • (1978) "Crusader Damosel" (in the anthology "Cosmic Knights", 1984)
  • (1995) "A Sword for Arthur"

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