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Verna is an obscure location in southwest Beleriand near the Mouths of Sirion.

Arvernien was named after it.


Verna does not appear in narration or any maps of Beleriand; in the real world Tolkien probably derived the word in order to explain "Arvernien".[1] Since Tolkien explains Arvernien as "Land outside Verna", geographically, Verna could refer to adjacent regions like the forest of Nimbrethil or Lisgardh.


Verna could be related to Quenya feren which means "birch, beech tree", and if so, it could refer to the forest of Nimbrethil.[2] Another possibility is that it refers to a river, obviously Sirion, and comes from the Root WER, "winding" (thus, "Winding River").[3]


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