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Biographical Information
Other namesGaladwen
DeathT.A. 1344
Physical Description
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Vidumavi (died T.A. 1344)[1], also known as Galadwen, was the daughter of Vidugavia, the King of Rhovanion.[2]


Vidumavi married Valacar, the son of Minalcar, the King of Gondor. She had a child, Vinitharya, later to be known as King Eldacar. Vidumavi met Valacar in her homeland of Rhovanion. He was sent there by his father who sought to attach the Northmen closer to Gondor than they already were. Valacar and Vidugavia fell in love, and they were wed. They had a son, Vinitharya, in Third Age 1255. In 1260 Vidumavi was brought by her husband to Gondor from Rhovanion where she was welcomed for her fairness and nobleness. In 1266 she became Queen as her husband inherited the crown and throne of Gondor. [2] She was, as the Dúnedain of Gondor feared, short-lived (dying in 1344 of the Third Age,[1] before Valacar became king), but she bore Valacar a son, the future King Eldacar. Because of Eldacar's short-lived, non-Dúnadan mother, many Gondorians were unwilling to accept him as king, leading to the disastrous Kin-strife.[2]


Rómendacil II


Widumavi is a Gothic name meaning "Wood-maiden".[3] Galadwen is a Sindarin name with the same meaning,[1] from Galadh + -wen.


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