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General Information
LocationSouth Nevrast, Mt. Taras
DescriptionCity on the slopes of Mt. Taras
People and History
InhabitantsNoldor of Turgon
EventsComing of Tuor
GalleryImages of Vinyamar

Vinyamar (Q, pron. [ˈviɲamar]) was a settlement built by Turgon son of Fingolfin in Nevrast, on the slopes of Mount Taras, at the beginning of the First Age. It was the first recorded Ñoldor stone construction as they arrived in Middle-earth. The name is Quenya for "New Home". Vinyamar's population was primarily Ñoldorin, with a large influx of Sindarin elves.


The city was abandoned about 125 years after the rising of the Sun at Ulmo's behest, who told Turgon that he and his people must seek a another home that would be hidden from the eyes of Morgoth.{that city was Gondolin in the Valley of Tumladen}

Vinyamar was abandoned and fell into decay, but when Tuor son of Hour was guided there by Ulmo he still found remnants of the great city and the sword, armour and helm left there by Turgon {because of the councils of Ulmo} for a mystery person who would need them. {Tuor}