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::''The content list above only contains published articles.''
::''The content list above only contains published articles.''
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Vinyar Tengwar 21
EditorCarl F. Hostetter
Illustrator(Front cover: "The Tolkien Centenary Seal")
PublisherElvish Linguistic Fellowship
ReleasedJanuary 1992
FormatPaperback journal

Vinyar Tengwar 21 is the twenty-first issue of Vinyar Tengwar, a journal of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship, devoted to the scholarly study of the invented languages of J.R.R. Tolkien.

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  • "'Si man i-yulmar n(g)win enquatuva': A Newly-Discovered Tengwar Inscription" — analysis by Carl F. Hostetter.
  • "Quettare Kalyaina Eldalamberon: Illuminated Quenya Word-list" — Lisa Star
  • "Overcounting" — Bill Welden.
  • "Words and Devices: Still at Large There Were Giants, Part 1" (column) — Patrick H. Wynne and Carl Hostetter.
  • "Transitions in Translations: Tolkien on Translation" (column) — Arden R. Smith.
The content list above only contains published articles.