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"Lost and forgotten be, darker than the darkness,
Where gates stand forever shut, till the World is mended
Tom Bombadil, Fog on the Barrow-downs

The Void, or the Timeless Void was a term used in various ways.

Cosmologically, it describes the uninhabited regions of existence outside the World, the absence of the Flame Imperishable.

Melkor used to wander in the Void to look in vain for the Flame Imperishable.

The Timeless Halls of Ilúvatar seem to be apart from the Void; is created amidst the Void but is not a part of it.

After his defeat in the War of Wrath, Melkor was cast out into the Timeless Void, but legends predict that he will return to the World before its end.

It is also known as the Everlasting Dark, the Ancient Darkness and perhaps nothingness. In Quenya it is called Kúma.

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