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Biographical Information
Other namesThe Hunter
TitlesSteward of Gondor
BirthT.A. 1919
RuleT.A. 1998 - 2029 (31 years)
DeathT.A. 2029 (aged 110)
HouseHouse of Húrin
ChildrenMardil Voronwë
Physical Description
Vorondil was the second of three Stewards of Gondor that served King Eärnil II.


Upon the death of his father, Pelendur, the Stewardship of Gondor became hereditary within the House of Húrin and thus Vorondil succeeded to the position.[1]

Early in Vorondil's Stewardship Gondor was attacked and suffered a serious defeat. In T.A. 2000, the Nazgûl issued from Mordor to besiege Minas Ithil. The city fell in 2002 and with it they took the Palantír therein.[2]

Vorondil was remembered as "Vorondil the Hunter" for his hunting of the Kine of Araw, found near the shores of the Sea of Rhûn.[3] From one of the wild white oxen he fashioned a great horn, bound with silver and written with characters. Boromir was the last to carry this horn, which had been passed to the eldest son for generations within the House of Húrin.[4]

Vorondil was succeeded by his son Mardil, who would become the first of the Ruling Stewards.[1]


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Preceded by:
Steward to the King of Gondor
T.A. 1998 - 2029
Followed by:
Mardil Voronwë