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Biographical Information
BirthF.A., in Nevrast
Physical Description
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Voronwë (Q: "Enduring One") (surname: Aranwion) was a mariner of Gondolin, sent by King Turgon to seek a passage to Aman and call on the Valar for aid against Morgoth. He delayed on the road, spending too much time in Nan-tathren and because of this he was the final one to embark on the last ship that Círdan The Shipwright, at the request of Turgon, had built for them. After sailing for seven years without reaching the lands in the West, he was washed ashore in Nevrast, where he encountered Tuor and led him back as messenger of Ulmo to the city of Gondolin. During the Fall of Gondolin he was ordered by Tuor to guard Idril. He escaped the sack, and some accounts say that he sailed with Eärendil on his voyages.



Voronwë was related to the House of Fingolfin through his father, Aranwë, a nobleman of Gondolin and to Círdan himself through his mother, who was one of the Sindar Elves of Falas.

Other Versions of the Legendarium

The Gnomish form of his name was Bronweg, who was also another character in Tolkien's legendarium.

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