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W.H. Auden: A Legacy

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W.H. Auden: A Legacy
W.H. Auden, A Legacy.jpg
AuthorDavid Garrett Izzo (editor)
PublisherWest Cornwall, Connecticut: Locust Hill Press
ReleasedFebruary 2002

W.H. Auden: A Legacy is a collection of twenty-six essays on W.H. Auden covering his life and art.

Four unpublished letters from J.R.R. Tolkien to Roger Verhulst are mentioned by Rod Jellema in an essay recounting Auden's withdrawal from his contract for writing a booklet on Tolkien in the Eerdmans series. The essay is titled "Auden on Tolkien: The Book that Isn't, and the House that Brought it Down."[1]


  1. Lot of correspondence between J.R.R. Tolkien and Roger Verhulst at Tolkien Library (accessed 31 October 2010)