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War of the Dwarves and Dragons

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War of the Dwarves and Dragons
Beginning: T.A. 2570End: T.A. 2589
Place: The Ered Mithrin
Outcome: Most of the Longbeards leave the Grey Mountains, and the Kingdom of Durin's folk there is dissolved. The surviving Dragons hoard their plunder.
Major battles: Battle of Dáin's hall
Durin's folk, ÉothéodDragons of various species (Cold drakes, Worms, Long-worms)
*Thorin I *Glóin *Óin *Náin II *Dáin I*Scatha† *Smaug *Unnamed Dragons

The Wars of the Dwarves and Dragons was a conflict that took place from T.A. 2570 to T.A. 2589.


The defeat of Morgoth in the War of Wrath left the Dragons few and weak, hiding in the far North of Middle-earth. But over the millennia the Dragons multiplied and became strong once again. In T.A. 2570 the Dragons made war on the Dwarves of the Grey Mountains in the Ered Mithrin, sacking and plundering their halls and mines. The war lasted for almost twenty years, but in T.A. 2589 the Dragons attacked the halls of King Dáin I, and outside city a great Cold-drake killed the king and his second son Frór. With this, the war ended and the Dragons were victorious.


With the loss of their king, most of the Dwarves, led by the king's two remaining sons Thrór and Grór, left the Ered Mithrin. Grór took many of Durin's folk to the Iron Hills, while Thrór, now king, took his people to Erebor.[1]

Preceded by:
Wainrider/Balchoth War
Major events of Middle-earth
T.A. 2570 - T.A. 2589
Followed by:
War of the Dwarves and Orcs


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