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The name Westmarch refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Westmarch (disambiguation).
General information
LocationCentral Eriador, between the Far Downs and the Tower Hills

The Westmarch of the Shire was land that lay between the Far Downs and the Tower Hills in Eriador, west of and originally outside of the Shire. The only known town in this new district was Undertowers.[1]


In S.R. 1452, the Westmarch was given to the Shire-hobbits as a gift from King Elessar.[1]

At the request of Mayor Samwise, Thain Peregrin I made Fastred of Greenholm the first Warden of Westmarch in S.R. 1455.[1]

The Warden kept the Red Book of Westmarch as an heirloom of the Fairbairn Family. It was long preserved at Undertowers and was the most important source for the history of the War of the Ring.[2]


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