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* [[Red Book of Westmarch]]
'''Westmarch''' can refer to:
* [[Westmarch of the Shire]]
* '''[[Westmarch|Westmarch of the Shire]], land added to [[the Shire]] in {{SR|1452}}.'''
* [[Warden of Westmarch]]
** [[Warden of Westmarch]], a hereditary position held by the [[Fairbairn Family]].
** [[Red Book of Westmarch]], the basis for ''[[The Hobbit]]'' and the ''[[Lord of the Rings]]''.
==See also==
*The west-march of [[Rohan]], including a wedge of land between the rivers [[Adorn]] and the [[Isen]]
*[[West-mark]], the military division of Rohan, covering the lands west of [[Entwash]] and [[Snowbourn]].

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Westmarch can refer to:

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