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Weta (disambiguation)

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'''Weta''' is a name that can refer to any of the following companies:
'''Weta''' is a [[wikipedia:Weta|subspecies of insects from New Zealand]], but can refer to:
* [[Weta Workshop]].
* [[Sideshow Collectibles]], sometimes Sideshow Weta, a California-based company which deals in collectibles.
* [[Weta Digital]].
* [[Weta Digital]], a [[New Zealand]] company which created the special effects for [[The Lord of the Rings (film series)|''The Lord of the Rings'' (film series)]].
* [[Sideshow Weta]].
** "[[Weta Digital (documentary)]]", a series of extras on the Extended Edition DVDs.
* "[[Weta Workshop (documentary)]]", a series of extra's on the Extended Edition DVD's.
* [[Weta Workshop]], a related company which created all the props.
** "[[Weta Workshop (documentary)]]", a series of extras on the Extended Edition DVDs.

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Weta is a subspecies of insects from New Zealand, but can refer to:

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