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General Information
Other namesNindalf
LocationSouth of Emyn Muil, east of Anduin
DescriptionA large trackless fen

Wetwang was the name in Westron for the pathless fen beneath the Emyn Muil that the Elves called Nindalf.[1] It lay to the south of Emyn Muil and east of the Great River Anduin, fed by the great inland delta of the Entwash. The Dead Marshes lay further east and may have been an extension of Wetwang.[2] On 16 February T.A. 3019[3] Celeborn warned the Fellowship of the Ring against becoming lost in the region, recommending instead that those heading to Minas Tirith leave the river above the Falls of Rauros.[1]


The archaic meaning of wang means "field, flat area".[4]

Wetwang is a real-life place-name in Yorkshire.[4]

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