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Whale in MERP

Whales were large aquatic creatures of the seas of Arda. A famous ship of the Númenóreans, the Hirilondë, was also given a name after this creature: Turuphanto, meaning the "Wooden Whale".[1]

In early versions of the legendarium appears the whale Uin, a vassal of Ulmo.[2]


In the Gnomish Lexicon, the word uin means "whale". Another Gnomish word for whale was uimoth, "sheep of the waves" (incorporating moth).[3][4]

Other fiction

In the story Roverandom appears the large whale Uin, said to be the "oldest of the Right Whales".[5]

Portrayal in adaptions

1982-97: Middle-earth Role Playing:

Whales are animals included among the Water Beasts. Races include humpback whales, killer whales, and the Cherethrynd. A related creature is the Demon whale of Forochel, which is included among the Water Monsters.[6][7]


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