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'''Willie Crowther''' was the author of the Text-Adventure [[Colossal Adventure]] (with is part of [[The Middle-Earth Trilogy]]).
'''William "Willie" Crowther''' ([[1936]]) was the author of the strong [[J.R.R. Tolkien|Tolkien]] influeced Text-Adventure [[wikipedia:Colossal Cave Adventure|Colossal Cave Adventure]], on which [[Colossal Adventure]] was based.<ref>[ FAQS, Tolkien Games] (retrieved 17 August 2010)</ref>
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William "Willie" Crowther (1936) was the author of the strong Tolkien influeced Text-Adventure Colossal Cave Adventure, on which Colossal Adventure was based.[1]

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  1. FAQS, Tolkien Games (retrieved 17 August 2010)