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Wolfgang Krege

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Wolfgang Krege
Biographical information
BornFebruary 1, 1939
DiedApril 13, 2005
OccupationTranslator, author

Wolfgang Krege (February 1, 1939 - April 13, 2005) was a German author and translator. He translated several of Tolkien's works to German.



The first of Tolkien's books Krege translated, was The Silmarillion (as Das Silmarillion 1978). His new translation of The Hobbit was published 1997 (as Der Hobbit oder Hin und zurück).

With his knowledge of J.R.R. Tolkien and his works, he wrote the encyclopaedia Handbuch der Weisen von Mittelerde ("Guide of the wise men of Middle-earth") in 1996 and an elvish dictionary in 2003. Beside his translations of Tolkien's works, he was the translator of books by authors like Anthony Burgess, E. Annie Proulx, Amélie Nothomb, Joseph Conrad, William Goldman and many others.

In 2000 his most discussed translation was published, a new german rendering of The Lord of the Rings, to replace Margaret Carroux' earlier translation. Krege tried to render the original language style into German equivalents. This worked mostly, but a major point of critique on his translation was his use of modern, early Nineties, German, especially the language of the Hobbits.



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