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Wolf Riders by Guy Gondron.

Wolves were of old allied with the Dark Lord; Morgoth bred the two greatest of their kind, Draugluin and Carcharoth, and Sauron was wont to take the form of a great Wolf. The lesser kinds were sometimes used as steeds by the Orcs.

Wolf is also used as a short form of Werewolf.


"Only a few hundred yards beyond the houses [in Bloemfontein] was the open veldt where wolves, wild dogs, and jackals roamed and menaced the flocks, and where after dark a post-rider might be attacked by a marauding lion."
J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography

Sometime in the Age of Stars, Wolves came into the Westlands and served as mounts for Melkor's armies. These huge and terrible creatures gave Melkor an Orkish cavalry.

Though somewhat diminished in stature by the Third Age of the Sun, they instilled great fear to any foe. A race of White Wolves came out of the Northern Waste during the fell winter of 2911 and stained the snows of Eriador with the blood of Men. The "Red Book of Westmarch" tells of Wargs, an evil breed that carried the Orcs of the Misty Mountains into battle. Indeed, this cavalry was the greatest threat of the Orkish hordes in the Battle of Five Armies.

The most famous Wolf legend tells of Carcharoth, the Red Maw, who in the First Age of the Sun was reared by Morgoth on living flesh and bestowed with great powers. He was guardian of the Gates of Angband and none could pass him without sorcerous aid.

In the Quest of the Silmaril, Carcharoth bit off Beren's hand at the Gates of Angband and consumed the Silmaril, which in turn, consumed him. In tormented fury, he slew many Elves and Men. But at last he met the one he was destined to battle: Huan, the Wolfhound of the Valar. Though Huan was mortally wounded, he managed to slay Carcharoth.

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