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A name among the [[Rohirrim]] for the shy, secretive people known in [[Elvish]] as the [[Drúedain]]. Though never populous, the end of the [[Third Age]] saw these people reduced to a few populations in the southern parts of [[Middle-earth]], especially in the [[Drúwaith Iaur]] and [[Drúadan Forest]] of [[Rohan]], where the [[Rohirrim]] came into contact with them.
#REDIRECT [[Drúedain]]
In fact, the word 'wose' is a name from British folklore, referring to a hairy, troll-like being supposed to inhabit woods and forests. It represents [[Tolkien]]'s translation of an actual word of the Rohirrim into ancient English; the Rohirrim themselves would not have called such a creature a 'wose', but a [[róg]].

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