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| name=Yavanna
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| othernames=Kementári, Palúrien

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Yavanna Kementári (Q, pron. N [jaˈvanːa ˌkemenˈtaːri], V [jaˈβanːa ˌkemenˈtaːri]) was a Valië, the consort of Aulë. She was responsible for the growth of all the fruits and growing things of the World.



After Eru allowed Aulë's creations, the Dwarves, to survive, Yavanna feared that they would cut down all the trees in Middle-earth. Aulë, in reply, told her that even Elves and Men, the true Children of Ilúvatar would have need of her trees as well. Yavanna lamented to Manwë, questioning whether anything she had made would be free from the dominion of others. Manwë brought her concerns before Ilúvatar in prayer, and Eru did indeed have pity upon Yavanna: He answered her plea by creating the Ents to protect the trees.[1]


Yavanna means "Giver of Fruits" in Quenya. The name is a compound of yáve and anna. Her epithet Kementári means "Queen of the Earth". She is also called Palúrien ([paˈluːri.en]).[source?]

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