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Year of the Trees 1169

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* [[Fëanor]] is born.<ref>{{MR|P2k}}, Note 1, p. 101</ref>
{{ardayearheader|Year of the Trees 1161|Year of the Trees 1162|Year of the Trees 1165|Year of the Trees 1169|Year of the Trees 1170|Year of the Trees 1172|Year of the Trees 1185}}
* Birth of [[Fëanor]], the eldest son of [[Finwë]].<ref name="P2k">{{MR|P2k}}, Note 1, p. 101</ref>
* The [[Noldor]] begin delving for stone and they discover gems.<ref name="Annals">{{AA|79-80}}</ref>
* [[Rúmil (elf of Tirion)|Rúmil]] creates the [[Sarati]], the first writing system.<ref name="Annals"/>
[[Category:Years of the Trees]]
[[Category:Years of the Trees]]

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Year of
the Trees:

Year of the Trees 1169 (abbreviated to Y.T. 1169) is the 1169th year of the Trees in the First Age of Arda. Year of the Trees 1169 was also V.Y. 4669 in Valian Years.

Notable events in this year include:


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