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All that Glitters

All that Glitters cover

All that glitters is an EP or mini-album by Soundestiny that was released in 2009.

This is a short CD of music inspired by The Hobbit with original songs written by Darryl Grant Potter. In 2009, Soundestiny were busily recording a full length album of Hobbit-inspired songs and decided to take a break from the project to finish their Winds of Change album. Consequently, it was decided to release four of the already-recorded Hobbit songs as an EP; the full album of songs inspired by The Hobbit was released in 2012 as Dragon Quest. The four songs on All that Glitters are a brief, musical glimpse into Tolkien's magical, fantasy world that later became even more famous with the publication of The Lord of the Rings.


[edit] Lineup

  • Darryl Grant Potter: vocals, guitar, keyboards, flute
  • Kim Sewell: drums, percussion
  • Elissa Maclean: vocals

[edit] Guests

  • Clyde Schipke: guitar
  • Alyssa Marie: vocals on track 1

[edit] Production

  • Producers: Kim Sewell and Darryl Grant Potter
  • Engineer: Kim Sewell
  • Arranger: Darryl Grant Potter
  • Artwork: Natalie Camilleri

[edit] Track listing

1. A lonely mountain - 4:31

2. The riddle game - 3:55

3. All that glitters - 4:28

4. Ever on - 2:41

[edit] Sample

(A lonely mountain music video)