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Amon Hen (journal)

"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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The name Amon Hen refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Amon Hen (disambiguation).
Amon Hen
Current Editor: Cate Billing, Mathew Suta and Ana Demartino
Website: Amon Hen at the Tolkien Society website
Publication Information
Publisher: The Tolkien Society
Released: November 1972 - present
Frequency: Bimonthly
Format: A5 stapled paperback
Pages: up to 44
ISSN: 0306-8781

Amon Hen is the bulletin of The Tolkien Society. Published bimonthly continually since 1972, Amon Hen contains Tolkien-related news, reviews, articles, event details, artwork, letters, and features.

Notable contributors to Amon Hen have include: Christopher Tolkien, Ted Nasmith, Tom Shippey, Wayne G. Hammond, Christina Scull, Roger Lancelyn Green, John D. Rateliff and Brian Sibley.

[edit] List of Amon Hen editors

NameFirst issueLast issueIssues
1John MartinHenneth Annûn 1Amon Hen 66
2&3Stuart Clark and Keith WalkerAmon Hen 71
3Keith WalkerAmon Hen 81
2&3Stuart Clark and Keith WalkerAmon Hen 91
2Stuart ClarkAmon Hen 10Amon Hen 112
4&2Rosie and Stuart ClarkAmon Hen 12Amon Hen 187
5Jessica Kemball-CookAmon Hen 19Amon Hen 279
6Steve WoodAmon Hen 28Amon Hen 325
5Jessica Yates (née Kemball-Cook)Amon Hen 33Amon Hen 342
7Jeremy MorganAmon Hen 35Amon Hen 4410
8Brin DunsireAmon Hen 45Amon Hen 506
9Jenny SmithAmon Hen 51Amon Hen 566
10Christine WoolrichAmon Hen 57Amon Hen 637
11Colin DaveyAmon Hen 64Amon Hen 7512
12Iwan Rhys MorusAmon Hen 76Amon Hen 8611
13Mike PercivalAmon Hen 87Amon Hen 10014
14Tony CurtisAmon Hen 101Amon Hen 11111
15Nick BrownAmon Hen 112Amon Hen 1198
13Mike PercivalAmon Hen 1201
16Derrick StottAmon Hen 121Amon Hen 1244
17Amanda FinglesonAmon Hen 1251
18Richard FraserAmon Hen 126Amon Hen 1305
17Amanda FinglesonAmon Hen 1311
18Richard Fraser OvertonAmon Hen 132Amon Hen 14211
19Andrew McMurryAmon Hen 143Amon Hen 16018
20Andrew ButlerAmon Hen 161Amon Hen 282122
21Darrell CurtisAmon Hen 2831
22, 23 & 24Cate Billing, Mathew Suta and Ana DemartinoAmon Hen 284present3

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