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Amon Hen 129


Amon Hen 129 is the one-hundred and twenty-ninth issue of the Amon Hen journal by The Tolkien Society.

Reprinted by kind permission of The Tolkien Society and the named cover artist(s) - all rights reserved.

[edit] Contents

  • Cover: The Meeting of Thingol and Melian1
    • By: Juliette Cresswell
  • Editorial
    • By: Richard Fraser Overton
  • Contents
  • Situations Vacant
  • The Sales Pitch
    • By: Malcolm Lindley
  • Bellamoot 1994
  • Dior - Mortal or Elven?
    • By: Neil S. Anderson
  • Seminar 1994
    • By: Sarah Sturch
  • Democratic Government in Middle-earth
    • By: Jason Finch
  • As the Fire Cooled Part 2
    • By: David M. Tibbets
  • Reviews
  • Annie's Allsorts
    • By: Annie Haward
  • Letters
  • Small Press
    • By: Annie Haward
  • Mathom
    • By: Jason Finch
  • Tolk Folk
  • Committee
  • Notes for Contributors
  • Additional Artwork
    • By: Howard J. Bates & Neil Loughran

1 "She spoke no word; but being filled with love Elwe came to her and took her hand, and straightway a spell was laid on him, so that they stood thus while long years were measured by the wheeling stars above them; and the trees of Nan Elmoth grew tall and dark before they spoke any word."
The Silmarillion, "Of Thingol and Melian"
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