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Andúril (UK)

The name Andúril refers to more than one character, item or concept. For a list of other meanings, see Andúril (disambiguation).

Andúril, edited by John Martin, began as the second official bulletin of The Tolkien Society. It became an independent fanzine after issue 2 (although issue 3 was distributed to Tolkien Society members). It then became increasingly less Tolkienian in scope. Amon Hen (the first issue titled Henneth Annûn) replaced it as the Society's official bulletin.[1]

Issue page size changes from issue to issue (irregular). First three issues have subtitle: The bulletin of the Tolkien Society, while later issues have subtitle: Magazine of fantasy.

Nos. 0-7 in Marquette Hunnewell collection. Nos. 0-6 in The Tolkien Society archive.[2]

[edit] Issues

[edit] Andúril 0

  • Published: January 1972
  • Length: 14 pages
  • According to the editor, it was "Numbered 0, because this is more a flyer announcing the return of an officially approved T.S. Bulletin".

[edit] Andúril 1

  • Published: April 1972
  • Length: 34 pages
  • Carried a flier from George Allen & Unwin advertising Tolkien's books.

[edit] Andúril 2

  • Published: June 1972
  • Length: 38 pages
  • It included a supplementary sheet noting that Tolkien had consented to be the Society's Honorary President when Vera Chapman met him on 27 June 1972.
  • Last issue as the official Tolkien Society bulletin.

[edit] Andúril 3

  • Published: November 1972
  • Length: 48 pages
  • Although no longer the Society's bulletin, it was mailed to all Tolkien Society members.

[edit] Andúril 4

  • Published: [?]July 1974
  • Length: 40 pages

[edit] Andúril 5

  • Published: [?]July 1975
  • Length: 36 pages

[edit] Andúril 6

  • Published: [?]1977
  • Length: 48 pages

[edit] Andúril 7

  • Published: [?]February 1979
  • Length: 52 pages


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