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Annals of Valinor

The Annals of Valinor or Annals of Aman are countings of years of the Valian Years taking place in Valinor, written in an annalistic style by Rúmil and expanded by Pengolod.

[edit] History

These Annals were written by Rúmil of Tirion, telling the history of Arda until the Years of the Sun.[1] Pengolod added some details and continued them from the Valian Year 2994, after the Exile of the Noldor.[2] Pengolod continued the counting of the years after the rising of the Sun with the Annals of Beleriand.

[edit] True-life history

Tolkien began to wrote these Annals along with the Annals of Beleriand as parallel works to the Silmarillion, to help him handle the complex history of the Valian Years. Therefore there are many versions attached to the current version of the Silmarillion he was writing at the moment.

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