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Arda Philology 6

Arda Philology 6
EditorAnders Stenström
PublisherThe Arda Society
ReleasedMonth? 2017
Arda Philology 6 is the sixth volume of the journal Arda Philology, and contains the proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Tolkien's Invented Languages, Omentielva Enquea, which was held in Jenins, Switzerland, in August 2015.
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[edit] Contents

  • Foreword
  • Contents
  • Contributers' Biographies
  • Index Locorum
  • Chris Gilson: "The Role of Solosimpilin in the Creation of Qenya"
  • Tsukusu Jinn Itó: "The Shaping of Middle-mouth: A Theory of the Representation of Consonantal Phonetic Features in the Feanorian Tengwar"
  • Miriam Mayburd: "Cognitive Constellations between Medieval and Modern: The Emergence of Language as Play in Tolkien‘s Written Wor(l)d"
  • Bertrand Bellet: "Months and Seasons in Middle-earth"

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