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Battle of the Lammoth

Battle of the Lammoth
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Conflict: Battles of Beleriand
Date: F.A. 1
Place: The Lammoth
Outcome: Victory for Elves under Fingolfin, defeat of the Orcs

Fingolfin and Exiles

Morgoth's Orcs


Fingolfin, his sons and the sons of Finarfin

Unknown Orc commander


Argon, otherwise moderate


The Battle of the Lammoth was fought against the Orcs in the Lammoth soon after Fingolfin and his host arrived in Middle-earth.


[edit] History

With the first rising of the Moon, Fingolfin and the second, greater host of the Noldor marched southward into the Lammoth. There they were attacked by Orcs which had been sent there by Morgoth to attack Fëanor in the rear, and they fought their first battle. The Orcs made a surprise attack upon the Elves, who were caught off-guard and began to give way when Argon, Fingolfin's youngest son, dashed forward and cut a path to the Orc-captain, whom he slew. The Orcs surrounded and killed Argon, but his brave deed turned the tide of the battle.[1] Fingolfin and his host pursued the Orcs until they were completely destroyed, and then passed into Mithrim as the Sun first rose.

[edit] Other versions of the legendarium

The Battle of the Lammoth and the character Argon do not appear in the published Silmarillion at all, because they only came to light in very late writings by Tolkien. In the published Silmarillion, Fingolfin's host only arrives after the Dagor-nuin-Giliath is long over.

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