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Bay of Belfalas

The Bay of Belfalas, also called the windy Bay of Bel,[1][2] was a great gulf of the Great Sea lying to the south of Gondor, within whose waters stood the island of Tolfalas; the River Anduin flowed into the Bay. Directly north of it was the Gondorian region of Belfalas.[3]

During the Drowning of Númenor, the Bay of Belfalas was much filled at the east and south, and land upheaved around it. Anduin carved a new path by many mouths to the Bay.[4]

Tolfalas was almost destroyed, and was left at last like a barren and lonely mountain in the water not far from the issue of the River.

[edit] Other names

In Sindarin, the Bay of Belfalas was called Côf Belfalas, or Côf gwaeren Bêl ("the windy Bay of Bêl").[2]

[edit] Etymology

The name Belfalas is composed of Mannish bel + Sindarin falas.[2]


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