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Beast of Gondolin

The Beast of Gondolin
Biographical Information
Deathpossibly F.A. 510
Physical Description

The Beast of Gondolin was a great Dragon of Morgoth that carried Balrogs upon its back during the Fall of Gondolin. It's not mentioned in the published Silmarillion, but in the Lost Tale of the Fall of Gondolin.

He was said to be a Fire-drake, and upon entering the city through a breech in the wall cleared the streets with bursts of flame. The dread of this beast was great upon the Gondothlim, and he almost slew Tuor and Ecthelion with his massive feet, save that Tuor stabbed him in the foot. No more is said of this beast, save that his tail killed many of both orcs and Noldoli in his agony.[1]


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