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Bridge of Tharbad

The Bridge of Tharbad was where the North-South Road crossed the Gwathló River within the town of Tharbad.

[edit] History

After their founding, both of the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor shared an interest in Enedwaith, although it belonged to neither. Since the great North-South Road was the chief route of communication between the two kingdoms together they built and maintained the Bridge of Tharbad. Long causeways carried the road to the bridge and a considerable garrison of soldiers, mariners and engineers were kept nearby. However, after the Great Plague came in T.A. 1636 the region fell quickly into decay. By the time that Boromir made his great journey from Gondor to Rivendell the causeways were crumbling remains, Tharbad was reduced to dwindling mounds, and the ruins of the bridge had formed a dangerous ford. [1] Boromir lost his horse at the ruined bridge.[2]


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