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Calembel in The Lord of the Rings Online
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LocationLamedon, Gondor
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Calembel was a town in the Lamedon region of Gondor. It was located on the road between Erech and Pelargir and situated on a small hill,[1] at the fords of the river Ciril.[2]


[edit] History

During the War of the Ring, the town was deserted. Most of the men had gone to fight in Minas Tirith, and those that remained fled into the hills as they heard news of the coming of the Dead Men. It was Aragorn with the Grey Company and the wraiths of the Dead, who came there from Erech on 9 March T.A. 3019.[2] [3]

[edit] Etymology

Tolkien translated Calembel as "Greenham".[4] The name likely consists of Sindarin calen "green" + pel "fence".

[edit] Portrayal in adaptations

2014: The Lord of the Rings Online:

Calembel is the seat of Lord Angbor, who was charged by Prince Imrahil with protecting the land from the Corsairs of Umbar when the other Lords of Gondor rode to the defence of Minas Tirith. Deciding to make a stand against the Corsairs in Linhir, Angbor left his son Drambor in charge of Calembel, which served as a refuge for inhabitants of the nearby village of Lothgobel when it was attacked by the Corsairs.


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