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Calmacil (King of Gondor)

This article is about the King of Gondor. For the King of Númenor, see Tar-Calmacil.
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"Calmacil" by Matěj Čadil
Biographical Information
TitlesKing of Gondor
BirthT.A. 1058
RuleT.A. 1294 - 1304 (10 years)
DeathT.A. 1304 (aged 246)
HouseHouse of Anárion
ParentageAtanatar II
ChildrenMinalcar and Calimehtar
Physical Description
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Calmacil (T.A. 1058[1]1304,[2] aged 246 years) was the eighteenth King of Gondor.


[edit] History

Calmacil was the son of King Atanatar II Alcarin and younger brother of the later King Narmacil. The two brothers had inherited their father's love for ease and neglect of political matters.

His older brother Narmacil succeeded their father to the throne, but was indolent and had no children. Calmacil had a son, Minalcar, who was unlike them, a man of great vigour, was bestowed by Narmacil to be a Regent.

When Narmacil died without heirs in T.A. 1294, his brother Calmacil succeeded him, but was too old to rule[2] so he continued to have his son Minalcar function as Regent[3] until he was properly succeeded after his death.

[edit] Etymology

Calmacil is Quenya. Its meaning is not glossed, but as Paul Strack explains it seems to mean "Sword of Light" or "Shining Sword" seems to be a compound of cala ("light") and macil ("sword").[4]

[edit] Genealogy

Hyarmendacil I
899 - 1149
Atanatar II
977 - 1226
Narmacil I
1049 - 1294
1058 - 1304
Rómendacil II
1126 - 1366
1194 - 1432


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House of Anárion
Cadet branch of House of Elros
Born: T.A. 1058 Died: T.A. 1304
Preceded by:
Narmacil I
18th King of Gondor
T.A. 1294 - 1304
Followed by:
Rómendacil II