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Dora Baggins

Dora Baggins
Art by Liz Danforth
"Dora Baggins" by Liz Danforth
Biographical Information
LocationThe Shire
BirthS.R. 1302
DeathS.R. 1406 (aged 104)
ParentageFosco Baggins and Ruby Bolger
SiblingsDudo and Drogo
Physical Description
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Dora Baggins was the aunt of Frodo Baggins.

[edit] History

Her parents were Fosco Baggins and Ruby Bolger. She had two younger brothers, Dudo Baggins and Drogo Baggins, the father of Frodo.[1]

Dora enjoyed writing letters filled with advice to her relations, and in memory of this correspondence Bilbo Baggins gave her a waste-paper basket when he left the Shire in S.R. 1401.[2] She attended his Farewell Party at the age of 99. Dora Baggins died five years later in 1406.[1]

[edit] Etymology

The name Dora was meaningless in contemporary Hobbitish Westron. It represented an original name Doro or Dore.[3]


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