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Biographical Information
LanguageMannish dialect
DeathF.A. 499
Woods near Cabed-en-Aras; killed by Brandir
SpouseUnnamed wife
Physical Description

Dorlas was a Man of the People of Haleth in the First Age.

When Túrin Turambar was in search of Finduilas he came upon Dorlas and some woodmen of Brethil who were surrounded by Orcs. Túrin rescued them and heard from Dorlas of Finduilas' death. Dorlas and his men then brought Túrin to Finduilas' grave, the Haudh-en-Elleth, where Túrin collapsed in grief. Dorlas then had Túrin carried to the woodmen's stockade upon Amon Obel.

Later, when Glaurung sent orcs to attack the woodmen, Túrin did nothing for he had promised his wife Níniel not to fight unless their homes were assailed. Dorlas upbraided Túrin for his inactivity; Túrin then led a company of the Men of Brethil who defeated the orcs. This action let Glaurung know where Túrin lived. Glaurung then came to Brethil and Túrin called for volunteers to go fight the dragon. When only Dorlas stepped forward he upbraided his people.

However, when Túrin, Hunthor, and Dorlas came to the ravines of Taeglin, Dorlas was overwhelmed with fear. Dorlas hid in the forest, but Brandir, the ruler of the people of Haleth at that time, found him and, after a killing stroke from Dorlas, parried and slew him .[2]

[edit] Genealogy

d. F.A. 499
fl. F.A. 501


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