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Natalie Chen - Tuor.jpg
"Tuor" by Natalie Chen
LocationGondolin, Númenor
OwnerTuor, Kings of Númenor
AppearanceGreat axe
CreatedFirst Age
DestroyedDownfall of Númenor, S.A. 3319
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Dramborleg was the great axe that Tuor favoured over any sword.

[edit] History

Tuor fought with it in the Fall of Gondolin, slaying three Balrogs and Othrod, among others.[1] He took it when he escaped the downfall of that city, and his descendants took it to Númenor as an heirloom.[2] It was lost in the Downfall of Númenor.

[edit] Etymology

Dramborleg means "Thudder-Sharp" in Gnomish, also simply known as Drambor. It was named so because with it Tuor "smote both a heavy dint as of a club and cleft as a sword". The Qenya cognates were Tarambolaika or Tarambor.[3]


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