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Eldamo, or An Elvish Lexicon, is a linguistic website launched in 2008, compiling a lexicon of Tolkien’s invented languages. The website is maintained by Paul Strack.

The web doesn't work as a dictionary, but as a full lexicon that analyzes the conceptual development of Tolkien's languages through his lifetime. Therefore the invented languages are divided by three periods: Early (1910-1930), Middle (1930-1950) and Late (1950-1973). All references to the sources are given, specially the History of Middle-earth, Vinyar Tengwar and Parma Eldalamberon.

Separately, a complete lexicon of Neo-Elvish is given, including all the vocabulary created by Helge Fauskanger for his New Testament in Neo-Quenya, or by the Parma Penyanë Quettaron, among others.

Eldamo is an abbreviation for Elvish Data Model, since its content is derived from an XML data model, which can be used freely in accordance with the Creative Commons license (with attribution).

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