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Ered Luin Introduction

Ered Luin Introduction is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Shadows of Angmar books
(Bree-landEred Luin)


Book I: Stirrings in the Darkness
Book II: The Red Maid
Book III: The Council of the North
Book IV: Chasing Shadows
Book V: The Last Refuge
Book VI: Fires in the North
Book VII: The Hidden Hope
Book VIII: The Scourge of the North
Book IX: Shores of Evendim
Book X: The City of Kings
Book XI: Prisoner of the Free Peoples
Book XII: The Ashen Wastes
Book XIII: Doom of the Last-King
Book XIV: The Ring-forges of Eregion
Book XV: Daughter of Strife
Epilogue: Laerdan's Parcel


[edit] Dwarf Summary

[edit] Into the Silverdeep Mines

The Dwarf player is asked by Glóin for the player and his son Gimli to gather the dwarves working in the Silver Deeps to come to an assembly. Thorin and company are preparing to depart the Blue Mountains for the Lonely Mountain and Thorin wishes to make a show of it.

The dwarf player and Gimli split up to gather the miners. The player finds four dwarves working and informs them that the ceremony is about to begin. One of the dwarves, Otur, says that another, Tvistur, is deeper in down the mine. He suggests that the player get a weapon out of his pack since there are cave-claws in that section of the mine. Once the player is armed, Otur and the player further into the mine.

The player passes over a bridge and finds Gimli down below arguing with Tvistur to come to the assembly and that he shouldn't be digging this far in the mine. Tvistur doesn't listen and continues to work. Suddenly a troll attacks Tvistur and slays him. Gimli holds his ground against the troll as Otur and the player fight cave-claws that are blocking their path to Gimli.

Gandalf appears just as the player approaches the troll. Gandalf casts light upon the beast turning it to stone. Gimli thanks Gandalf for his aid, stating that Tvistur shouldn't have been down here digging. He says that many of the Dourhands haven't been paying much attention to the commands of Thorin. Gandalf says that in the elder days this hall was part of an Elf refuge where Skorgrím, a lord of the Dourhands attacked attempting to obtain elven relics.

[edit] Return from the Lonely Mountain

Seventy-five years after the death of Thorin Dáin of the Lonely Mountain sends Dwalin and a company of Dwarves to Thorin's Hall. The home was being watched by the Dourhands and the Longbeards find it to be in a state of disrepair. The dwarf Bolli sends the dwarf player to Nos Grimsong to aid him in his task to clean up the problems with the wild life of Thorin's Hall.

[edit] Sharpen your Skills

Before Nos Grimsong can use your help he wants you sharpen your skills. After you finish he sends you back to Bolli, who then sends you to Dori in Frerin's Court.

[edit] Guards of the Silver Deep

Dori suggests that the player confront the Dourhands. Dori says that the Olin, the captain of the Silver Mine guards, and a few other Longbeards were left in charge of the protection of Thorin's Hall, but King Dáin has not received a report back from Olin in a long time.

[edit] Silver-lined Cure

The dwarf player finds Olin in the Guard House west of Frerin's Court. He is laying in bed, wounded and weak with poison. He asks the player to gather a type of mushroom called Nestadalas to use as an antidote.

[edit] Gormr's Deeds

Once cured he tells the player that the other guards are dead and that the Dourhands left him here to die. He says that Gormr Doursmith, the Dourhand steward is responsible and that he has been communicating regularly with a strange Man dressed in red robes and goblins. Olin says that Dwalin must be informed of this.

The player talks to Dwalin who says that some elves have been telling him about goblins using dwarven pick axes. He believes the Dourhands might be involved but he needs some proof that the Dourhands and the goblins are working together.

[edit] Elf Summary

[edit] The Refuge of Edhelion

While visiting Edhelion, the refuge comes under attack by a clan of dwarves called the Dourhands. The Elf player is requested by Talagan Silvertongue, the master of the refuge, to defend the establishment. He informs the player that the leader of the Dourhands, Skorgrím, is attempting to capture some of the ancient relics kept at the refuge. He tells the player to take some weapons from a fallen elf and prepare for battle. Suddenly in the distance a horn call comes forth. Talagan recognizes it as the horn call of Elrond. He asks the player to aid Edhelben.

Edhelben leads the player to the east-gate where Skorgrím arives with new reinforcements and a Snow Troll. When they reach the east-gate, Edhelben says he will defend the gate and instructs the player to find Dorongúr Whitethorn and aid him defending the west-gate. The player fights his way to the courtyard where he arrives while the troll destroys the western gate. At the moment that the troll wants to kill the player and Dorongúr Elrond and his army arrive. Elrond kills the troll and he and Dorongúr rush to the halls of Edhelion. There he surrounds Talagan who in a last attempt to save the relics destroys the entrance of the halls. The stones crush Skorgrím and his Dourhands, but Talagan dies too.

[edit] Elrond's Premonition

Six centuries later Elrond feels that a great evil stirs near the ruins of Edhelion and sends his sons and a company of elves to Edhelion. Merethan, a member of the company, tells the player that Dorongúr Whitethorn wishes to speak him.

[edit] Meditating on the Past

The player meets up with Dorongúr who has returned to the refuge with the company of Elves. He tells the player that he must contemplating the past to glean wisdom from it.

[edit] Plague among the Trees

Dorongúr sends the player to the corpse of the once beautiful trees of Edhelion. These trees are infested with foul and twisted insects. The player slays these insects and is sent to Dorollas by Dorongúr.

[edit] Befouled Pool

Dorollas wishes to restores Edhelion in his former glory and asks you to kill the foul slugs that inhabit the pool of water in Edhelion.

[edit] Scouting the Ruins

Dorollas then sends the player to Elladan who was send here by his father. Dorollas wants that you help Elladan in quiet the evil in this land.

[edit] The Halls of Edhelion

When Elladan went to the pool of water in Edhelion he was attacked by many Goblins. Elladan managed to drive them out Edhelion and wants that you search the dead for clues. On the corpses of the Goblins you found many dwarven-made pick-axes. The player then informs Elladan that the goblins were carrying dwarven pick axes.

[edit] The Longbeards

Recently a company of Longbeards from Erebor arrived in Thorin's Hall. Elladan sends the player to Dwalin, their leader.

The player finds Dwalin in Frerin's Court to the west of the mine. He states that others have also told him about goblins carrying dwarven pick axes. He suspects that the Dourhands are up to their old ways yet again. He says that one of his guards were poisoned by the Dourhands and he thinks that they might be working with the goblins but he needs proof of this.

[edit] Merger Summary

[edit] Goblin Prowlers

Dwalin sends the player to the areas west of Frerin's Court and find prove that the Goblins and Dourhands work together. You slay one of the Goblins and finds a dwarf-made sword on his corpse. The player brings the blade to Dwalin who's now sure of the alliance between the Dourhands and Goblins.

[edit] Goblins in the Crags

Dwalin learned from the Elves of Edhelion that Elrohir went into the Mirkstone Tunnels to confront the Dourhands. He wants you to go with him and finds out why the Dourhands have allied themselves with the Goblins.

The player meets up with Elrohir who says that he found a letter signed by Marrec. It was delivered to the Dourhands and states that they can return Skorgrím to life if they pledge their allegiance to the Iron Crown.

[edit] Skorgrím's Tomb

The player quickly reports back to Dwalin who says that they must act quickly to end this madness. With haste the player and Dwalin make their way to the tomb of Skorgrím.

Inside the ancient tomb, the player fights off goblins and Dourhands with the aid of Dwalin. The find that Ivar the Blood-hand has already performed the ceremony.

[edit] Comparison with Published Works

The Dwarven Introduction begins T.A. 2941[1], while the Elven Introduction takes place six hundred years prior in T. A. 2416[2]. The Ered Luin Introduction takes place in T. A. 3016.[3]


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