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Biographical Information
Birthbetween Y.T. 1190 and Y.T. 1230
HouseHouse of Finwë
ParentageFinwë and Indis
SiblingsFëanor (half-brother), Findis, Fingolfin, Írimë, and Finarfin
Physical Description

Faniel was the daughter of Finwë and Indis in an apparently discarded concept of the Legendarium[1]. She had two brothers, Fingolfin and Finarfin, and two sisters Findis and Finvain (Írimë). She did not leave Valinor during the Flight of the Noldor.[2]

[edit] Etymology

Faniel is a Quenya name. -iel is a feminine name suffix which can mean "maiden" or "daughter of", but the first element of the name is unclear. Fan is a Sindarin prefix meaning "white cloud", "mist" or "veil" yet the Quenya and Sindarin cannot mix.


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