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This article is about the fifteenth king of Rohan. For the great-grandfather of Tuor in The Book of Lost Tales, see Fengel.
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Fengel in The Lord of the Rings Online
Biographical Information
TitlesKing of Rohan
LanguageRohirric and Westron
BirthT.A. 2870
RuleT.A. 2903 - 2953
DeathT.A. 2953 (aged 83)
Notable forfifteenth king of Rohan
HouseHouse of Eorl
SiblingsFolcred, Fastred, unnamed sister
ChildrenTwo unnamed daughters,[1][note 1] Thengel
Physical Description
GalleryImages of Fengel

Fengel (T.A. 2870 - 2953) was the fifteenth King of Rohan.


[edit] History

Fengel was the third and only surviving son of Folcwine, and became king after the death of his father in T.A. 2903.

Fengel's two older brothers, Folcred and Fastred, were killed in Harondor while fighting for Gondor, and as a result Fengel grew up rather spoiled. As a grown man he became known for his greed and love of gold.

His son Thengel left Rohan because of disagreements with his father, living with his wife's family in Gondor instead.

After a rule of over 50 years Fengel died in T.A. 2953, and Thengel reluctantly returned to Rohan.[2]

[edit] Etymology

Fengel means "prince" in Old English.[3] The word appears in three places in Beowulf. The word is from a Germanic root meaning "to grasp," which may have suggested to Tolkien the description of the character as greedy.[source?]

[edit] Genealogy

2804 - 2864
2830 - 2903
2858 - 2885
2858 - 2885
2870 - 2953
two daughters
2905 - 2980
Morwen Steelsheen
b. 2922
2948 - 3019
three daughters
2963 - 3002

[edit] Portrayal in adaptations

2012: The Lord of the Rings Online:

In the last winter of his reign, King Fengel was hunting north of the Entwade when an elderly woman named Wyrgende stumbled into his camp. Fengel sent her away into the dark night and the next day she was found frozen to death at the foot of a tall boulder, in which she had carved a curse against him. King Fengel was furious and ordered Wyrgende's body burned and the stone destroyed, but no man of his company could more her, and every hammer and mattock they set to the stone shattered on contact. Fengel himself assailed the stone with his sword until the blade shattered, and a shard pierced his thigh. The wound festered, and King Fengel died of poisoned blood on the first day of Spring.


  1. Under Fengel in Appendix A it states: "Thengel, his third child and only son, left Rohan when he came to manhood and lived long in Gondor, and won honour in the service of Turgon."


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House of Eorl
Born: T.A. 2870 Died: T.A. 2953
Preceded by:
15th King of Rohan
T.A. 2903 - 2953
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