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Biographical Information
PositionKing's Writer
BirthEarly Fourth Age
Physical Description

Findegil was the King's Writer of Gondor in the Fourth Age.

[edit] History

Findegil presumably served under the Kingship of Eldarion[1] in the Fourth Age.

In Fo.A. 172, Findegil wrote a copy of the Thain's Book for the Thain of the Shire, probably at the request of Peregrin Took's great-grandson. This copy was the only one to include Bilbo's complete Translations from the Elvish, which Bilbo had composed while at Rivendell during his 'retirement' there. [2]

[edit] Etymology

Although the character is described as "King's Writer", the exact meaning of the name is unglossed. David Salo suggests the first element could be find ("hair"),[3] and Paul Strack suggests the last one could be lenited tegil ("pen").[4]


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